tirsdag, december 13, 2005

Today is a very special day......

.....in may ways....it is Saint Lucia day, old Scandinavian tradition..celebration of the light, since Dec. 13 used to be the shortest day in the ancient calendar!
And today my parents and daughter will meet each other for very first time....only met via the web-cam! So wauhhhhh, finally our Emma gets to meet two of her grandparents....... on Dec. 22 she will meet Anders parents. Exciting!!!!! Here she is......do you know how hard it is to take a picture of an almost 2 year old? Sorry, not the best photo....but for now it'll do it.

Two Esther Williams hats are done......my model is pt asleep, so take a look at my new floor tiles in my kitchen and dining area! I;m so happy with the result of my new floor....I luv it ;-)
As you can see none of my hats have the original beautiful edge......I really don't have that much talents when it comes to do crochet, so I always stick to my regular edge, and it doesn't look too bad!

Emma likes when we decorate the house with Santas and Snowmen......she dances to the Christmas carols...and moves Rudolph the reindeer one star each day (her advent calendar).....Counting the days to her birthday (Dec. 18) and the Christmas! She is getting more and more excited!
Hmmmmm, it seems as this kid is always eating crackers....anyways Emma shares this one with Santa.

Another pair of wrist warmers has been made....turned out good and very very soft.