mandag, august 13, 2007

Gift ...........

....from my sockapalooza pal in Florida .........Carrie.....thank you thank you. I simply love my new socks and have already been wearing them so much that they're ready for their first time wash!

Blue-ish socks with cables..... even cables on the heel cool is that!

And all this other yummy stuff I got from you........I'm so overwhelmmed by all these great things you gave me.....take a look.....felt magazine, candy, spa stones, soap, yarn....thank you.

And please whenever you have time dear readers check out Carrie's online etsy shop, where she is selling her beautiful handdyed sock yarn for a very decent price.
I'm gonna have some more than the skein she already gave me in dragonfly colors.....or as I would say pansy colors.

Thank you!

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Caroline sagde ...

What a surprise to "lurk" on your blog and see "engilsk." I like reading your Danish entries but must admit that the English is much easier for me:)

The yarn is beautiful. If I hadn't recently really over-indulged, I'd be ordering some from Carrie.