tirsdag, maj 09, 2006

I love my socks, I love my socks.....

......see how cool my socks are ....especially made for me with hand dyed yarn ;-)

Thank you, Michelle....my sockapaloooza from New Hampshire! My socks are so beautiful and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous.....Have already been wearing them a lot!

I also got some yummies from my sockapaloooza......maple syrup candy...Have you ever heard about anything so delicious?.....I tried one....and I can only say that I don't think I'll be sharing my candy!

Thanks again Michelle.........you made my day!

2 kommentarer:

Lisa sagde ...

Beautiful socks! I love your blog, I just wish I could read all of it. Emma is darling and you knit such wonderful things for her. I'm going to bookmark you for sure. I will just have to look at the pictures if I can't understand the words. Keep up the great work!

strikkeforsker sagde ...

Lucky bastard :-)
Maple syrup candy is very yummy, I just finished the ones I bought in MD.