tirsdag, august 03, 2004


Og mit ynglingsland er Italia................kun en oliven fra at være Grækenland :-)

You're Italy!

You pretty much feel like you are the most long-standing bastion of
civilized humanity on the face of the earth.  While this is probably not true, you
do have a noted history of living the good life and spreading culture to those around you.
 More recently, however, things have started to slide and you're having a hard time
staying together and not getting beaten up.  People still like to ask you how it was
to be the center of high culture, but your days at the top are long past you.  Avoid
volcanoes, flooding, and unstable buildings wherever possible.

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at the Blue Pyramid

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Fru Schwartz sagde ...

Hej Malle Strikketante:-)
Vanteopskrift...ja, mange tak! Jeg kan jo kvittere med nogle maskemarkører i din retning:-)

Kh Helle